DSC_6504Anne is the easiest and nicest person to work with. Everyone at our wedding fell in love with her, and was raving about how she got in the middle of the hora. As someone remarked, “That’s like a war zone!” Our caterer wasn’t around to facilitate things and run the event, so our saintly photographer was the one letting the caterers know that we didn’t have water and food.
— E.F. Lincoln, MA

Anne’s photography is impeccable and we feel blessed to have found her for our big day, and we will cherish her work for the rest of our lives. — M.S.

We considered the choice of our wedding photographer to be one of the most important choices we would make. From the moment we saw the sensitivity and creativity in your samples, we knew the pictures would be great. Your pictures really captured us being ourselves. It has been a joy working with you and our wedding pictures are a treasure.
— A.M.

Anne was the photographer at our daughter’s wedding this summer. This is the third family wedding in the last few years where we hired a photographer and Anne was hands down the very best one. Anne did a magnificent job of capturing the joy of the occasion. It is written on every face.
— M.R.

Anne was a phenomenally wonderful photographer for our wedding this past summer. She was incredibly helpful and kind, and took truly beautiful pictures. What’s so amazing about her is that you don’t even know she’s there, she’s so unobtrusive which allows guests to enjoy themselves while at the same time capturing fantastic candid moments. She’s also great with formal shots, making everyone feel comfortable. —A.R.

Anne is a gifted photographer and just so fun to work with! Anne photographed our wedding (200 hundred guests – some of whom were really camera-shy, some of whom are major hams…) and captured it in a way that mirrors just how it felt to be there. She got our guests to laugh and relax and really be themselves, and brought her fine-art eye to the wonderful candids. She captured moments I thought only I had seen – and did so totally unobtrusively – it was like she shot it all through our eyes. Anne worked closely with us to choose the shots in advance, work out the approach we wanted her take, choose her assistant, Paul (a star in his own right), and weed through the shots after it was all over. She’s warm, smart and professional – basically a total dream. —R.H.